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    Let’s take a leisurely ramble to Zylinder

    You may find a unique Bencik Culinary Group restaurant, which has restored the original cuisine from the Austro-Hungarian monarchic period, at Pressburg on the Danube, right on Hviezdoslav Square.

    Turn up to appreciate specialities preferred by Emperor Franz Joseph. Will you opt for unique Tafelspitz, beef “Szeged goulash”, Pörkölt, “Pressburg schnitzel” or delicious Kaisercharrn?

    Our Emperor's Tafelspitz

    Our Emperor’s Tafelspitz

    This appetizing dish made of beef rump steak in savoury vegetable soup was a must at the Emperor’s court during the old Hapsburg times. Emperor Franz Joseph I. was especially fond of this dish.

    Tafelspitz is prepared from beef rump steak, served in a copper pot with root vegetables, apple radish, spinach and potatoes.

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